Gongura Pickle

Type:   Appetizers
Gongura pickle

Gongura Pachadi receipe or Gongura Chutney. Red Sorrel leaves are called as gongura or puntikurain telugu, pulicha keerai in Tamil, punde pale in Kannada and ambaadi in Marati, Pitwaa in Hindi. These leaves taste sour can help in alleviating symptoms of cold, cough and fever too. It also increases appetite since it is high in vitamin C. These leaves hold a special place in the Andhra cuisine especially in and around Guntur region.

To Make this pachadi, i cleaned and plucked the leaves first. Then measured, it filled a 3 liters utensil(pot) when tightly packed. Washed them thoroughly few times in clean water, drained them and then spreaded them on a clean cotton cloth. The leaves must wilt off on their own and no moisture should be left. It just took 10 hours for me on a hot day.