District Mineral Foundation Trust – Guntur District


Establishment of DMF Trust:

The State Government vide G.O.Ms.No.36, Inds. & Com. (M.II) Department, dated 14.03.2016 established District Mineral Foundation Trust and pronounced Andhra Pradesh Mineral Foundation Rules, 2016. Accordingly, District Mineral Foundation Trust was established in Guntur District on 30.03.2016, the same has been registered vide Regd. Doc.No.54/IV/16, dated 30.03.2016.

DMFT Contributions:

An amount of Rs.72,66,380/- was collected for the month of October, 2023. DMF contributions are being received through CFMS.

As per Rule 9 of the DMFT Rules, 2016, the utilization of 95% DMF funds are allotted mining affected areas :

55%: Utilisation of drinking water supply, setting of effluent treatment plants, creation of primary / secondary care facilities etc.,

40%: Utilized for creation of Building roads, bridges, water way projects etc.,

3%: DMFT shall meet the expenditure from this fund which shall not exceed 3% on total fund collected in a financial year

2%: Transfer to DM&G to meet the expenditure on I.T. for eGovernance


The Members of Governing Council and their posts



Current DMF collection of the district and No. of Projects completed and Ongoing

3% DMF-Works-Sep-23

40% DMF-Works-upto Sep-23

55% DMF-Works-upto Sep-23


Annual reports that have passed in Governing Council meeting and Audit report

DMF-Covid-19 Expenditure